Health & Sleep

Health & Sleep
Swipe through the images for some pretty eye-opening facts about the impact of sleep on your health!

Sleep is necessary for the proper functioning, regulation and recovery of just about all facets of our health and well-being – so much so that in the 2nd slide we can see a U-shaped relationship with sleep duration and risk of mortality.

Pandemic of Sleep Neglection
Despite being the equivalent of a wonder-drug that is free of cost & side effects and available every single night – many people willingly short change themselves on their 8-hour prescription of sleep in favour of entertainment, screens, work or education.

How Does Sleep Impact Health?
While the association of sleep, poor health and mortality is likely due to a plethora of different processes and systems being negatively impacted; in the infographic we have highlighted some of the main contributors – cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, immune deficit, injury risk, neurodegenerative conditions and reproductive impairment.

How many hours of sleep do you get a night?

Written by: David Resic (Osteopath)

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