Osteopath Excellence within Australia!

At Hoppers Crossing Sports & Spinal we are all about promoting other phenomenal Osteopath practitioners in the wider Australian community for the benefit of our existing patient base! The following list are clinics we highly recommend for Osteopathic treatment. 1. EVERYTHINGS CONNECTED: Camberwell, VIC.Website: in the heart of camberwell, Everything’s connected is renowned of their wealth of Osteopath expertise and […]

What is Functional Medicine?

A new paradigm of healthcare, functional medicine takes a comprehensive, whole health approach to prevention, health, and well-being by treating root causes of disease and restoring healthy, optimised function through a personalized patient experience, all while utilising the best of conventional medicine. Functional medicine embodies a comprehensive, holistic approach to healthcare that considers the individual as a unique entity. Rather […]


Swipe through these images or read below to learn about osteoarthritis! All About OA Osteoarthritis (OA) is a common joint condition that mostly affects middle-aged and elderly people, characterized by joint pain, stiffness and reduced range of motion. Other symptoms may include, joint crepitus (creaking/grating sounds), joint instability/giving way and catching/locking. Fast Facts: – OA involves cartilage loss, bony changes, and […]

10 Persistent Low Back Pain Myths

Swipe through the images or read below to have some of the most commonly held unhelpful myths about low back pain debunked! Based on the influential paper published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.   Myth 1: Low back pain is usually a serious medical condition(not included in the Instagram post due to slide upload limits) Persistent back pain can […]

Understanding Pain

Swipe through the images for an introduction to understanding pain! What is Pain?Pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience that is associated with, or resembling that associated with, actual or potential tissue damage. The key messages from the definition of pain:– Pain always has an emotional component, it is not just a sensory experience– Pain is associated with tissue […]

Subacromial Shoulder Pain

Swipe through the images to learn what subacromial shoulder pain is and what treatment works! What is it? If you are suffering from non-traumatic pain around the front or side of the shoulder that is worsened with lifting or overhead movements, you may have subacromial shoulder pain syndrome (SAPS) – a broad term including conditions such as rotator cuff tendinopathy, […]

9 Tips for Healthy Sleep

Swipe through the images for 9 tips for healthy sleep from a leading sleep scientist! Adapted from sleep scientist Matthew Walker’s online resources and book (Why We Sleep), we have the second part of our Sleep Series – click here for part 1. It must be said that if you are suffering from a sleep disorder such as insomnia or sleep apnea, […]

Nutrition & Osteoarthritis

The role of nutrition is often overlooked in the management of osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis (OA) is a degenerative joint condition that commonly affects the hands, hips, knees and spine. OA occurs when the cartilage of a joint begins to break down causing swelling, pain, stiffness and limited joint range of motion. OA isn’t just an old person’s disease; it can affect […]

Do I Need a Scan?

Do I Need a Scan?Swipe through the images and read below for the answer! Scans Rarely Show the CauseWhile scans are fantastic for ruling out the most serious pathological conditions that require medical treatment, they are often over-used in the management of low back pain.  Serious pathology accounts for less than 1% of acute low back pain and is often […]

Health & Sleep

Health & SleepSwipe through the images for some pretty eye-opening facts about the impact of sleep on your health! Sleep is necessary for the proper functioning, regulation and recovery of just about all facets of our health and well-being – so much so that in the 2nd slide we can see a U-shaped relationship with sleep duration and risk of […]