Infection Control


Osteopathy is considered an essential service during COVID, allowing us to remain open to help manage your aches and pains – although with a few precautions! In efforts to control and prevent the spread of coronavirus, the clinic has implemented a strict infection control protocol to keep both our patients and practitioners safe during the pandemic.

For up to date information about the COVID-19 situation in Victoria – visit the DHHS website.

QR Code Check-In

In accordance with Victorian government legislation during the pandemic, QR code check-in is required before commencement of treatment. For those without a smart phone, a paper-based contact log is provided; which are destroyed after 28 days.

Vaccination & COVID-Safe Training

All practitioners at the clinic are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and up to date with the 2021 influenza jab. They have also undertaken and completed the DHHS infection control and PPE training modules to help keep the clinic a low risk and safe environment for patients.

COVID Screening

Patients will be asked to complete a brief COVID screen upon booking a consultation, to ensure they have not recently been diagnosed or in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19, visited recent exposure sites, or displaying any COVID-like symptoms. Treatment will be rescheduled for any patients that report or display these symptoms.

Temperature Checking

Patients are not currently required to have their temperature checked upon arrival at the clinic, though it is encouraged. Temperature will be taken with a contact-less infrared thermometer.

Treatment will not be able to commence if a patient or practitioner is displaying signs of fever.

Hand Washing & Sanitation

70% alcohol hand sanitisers are freely available for use in all rooms of the clinic, as well as hand-wash and water in the bathroom.

Practitioners are required to wash hands regularly; before and after every consultation, contact with high-touch surfaces and when hands are visibly soiled.

Patients are encouraged to sanitise their hands on arrival and departure from the clinic.

Face Masks & PPE

Patients are currently required to wear a fitted mask during their consultation. Practitioners are required to wear PPE and replace their mask every 4 hours.

Disposable gloves are available for use by the clinician during treatment upon patient request.

Single-use face coverings are used for the headrest of the treatment table, which are disposed of and replaced after every treatment.

Surface Cleaning

Before and after every treatment, time is allotted to wipe down commonly touched areas of the clinic with disinfectant wipes and 70% alcohol sanitiser. This is performed in addition to routine clinic cleaning.


Towels, pillowcases and linen are replaced after each and every treatment, meaning there is a fresh set for every consultation.

Social Distancing & Guests/Partners

During the pandemic, non-essential guests or partners will not be permitted to attend the consultation with you to help limit the risk of spread. Parents/guardians/translators for dependent patients and children that cannot be left unattended at home are, of course, valid exceptions.

Due to the way appointments are scheduled, it is unlikely there will be an overlap of patients in the waiting room but in such circumstances, we require our patients to maintain a 1.5m distance from other clients where possible.


Patients will not be allowed to bring in or eat food during their time at the clinic.